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Nude pictures of LSU's 'Honey Badger,' Tyrann Mathieu show up on Internet

LSU defensive star and Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu is learning not to get into a spat with ex-girlfriends/hookups. Spurned these days means sending out penis pictures of the offender on the Internet.

Media Takeout has the pics, which are allegedly of Mathieu's private parts. Since the photos are headless, they could be anybody (as along as the anybody had a ripped athlete's body). But Mathieu made the mistake of getting into a Twitter flame war with these girls, and then got silent once they realeased the nude shots to Media Takeout, pretty much confirming they were of him. Won't kids ever learn. Deadspin has the, uh, blow-by-blow account:

Mathieu should have let it go there, but he couldn't. He claimed the pictures were from high school, and reiterated to the world his love for his girlfriend. Considering that was what had started the mess, it was the exact wrong move. There's nothing a side piece hates more than being told she's a side piece. The next day, photos of a shirtless Mathieu, along with a purported picture of his penis, made it onto MediaTakeOut. The girls celebrated. Mathieu went quiet, finally.

It was just a simple, petty fight between spurned former lovers that played out, from initial shots fired to full-on cock exposure in just two days. That's almost exactly how every athlete dong shot makes it to your computer. The difference here is that it involved teenagers, who don't grasp just how public every move and cameraphone snap and Tweet can be.

Mathieu, of course, did nothing wrong, so this is just another case of an athlete somehow thinking one can have a truly "private" Twitter conversation. But he has nothing to worry about -- he's handsome, built, quite well-endowed (as one Deadspin commenter wrote: "If football really is a game of inches, it's no surprise why LSU is number one") and will be fabulously rich once he's drafted in the NFL. In the NFL, the only measurement they care about is your 40 time.