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Morehead State player's lesbian mother

Kenneth Faried is an emerging player in the Ohio Valley Conference for Morehead State. In an article on, Faried talks about his mother, who is a lesbian. He talks beautifully about his mother's wife and their relationship.

"I think people have an aura about them and the first time I met her, I thought, 'I like this lady," Faried said. "And when they got married, that showed me what commitment is all about, that there are people out there that can commit, even though for them it really has been the worst of times. I look at them, what they've been through and I think, 'Wow. That's amazing.' They're amazing to me."

Faried goes on to talk about growing up with two lesbians.

Faried knows there are people in the world that will not approve of the relationship between his mother and Copeland, whom he calls Oomie, the Arabic word for mother.

Somehow, Faried never encountered them growing up. No teasing, no snickering, not a reaction at all.

"I think maybe I was just lucky because I lived in New Jersey," Faried said. "There's everything there, every culture, every lifestyle. I'm sure it would be a lot different if I grew up somewhere else."

Faried's easy acceptance is exactly what Waudda and Copeland hoped for. They have never had any long sit-downs about life lessons with their children (Copeland has four kids), not even so much as an explanation.

Morehead State is currently second in the conference and has already beaten top-ranked Murray State.

Hat tip to Steve Martin, and thanks to Dana O'Neil for the great article.