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GQ's 25 coolest athletes ever includes Tom Brady, Joe Namath and Bo Jackson

Publications create lists to generate the "who's on and who's off" buzz. Gentleman Quarterly's list of the 25 coolest athletes of all time shouldn't disappoint. For starters, they only considered athletes post-1957 because "all time" began when GQ did. Most on the list are good picks; In fact, I can't quibble with any of the picks. Arthur Ashe is one I think most would pass over for a flashier John McEnroe, but GQ makes a great case for him. Allen Iverson is another who might raise an eyebrow, yet the "practice" diatribe was an instant classic.

If they considered pre-1957 athletes, I wonder if Bill Tilden might have made the list. Or if they considered women, I have to believe Billie Jean King would be on there. Instead, the list is 25 straight guys from the last half-century. Whom do you think they left off?