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High school wrestler Jaime Loo comes out

Last month we brought you the story of gay-sports pioneer Roger Brigham, a sports journalist, wrestler and wrestling coach. In that story Roger talked about one young man he felt particularly proud of having coached. This month Roger brings us the story of that kid, Jaime Loo. It's an inspiring story of a kid who came to Roger not quite matching the confident, strapping stature one may associate with wrestlers.

That was not the picture Jaime presented a little more than three years ago, when he first arrived in San Francisco from Panama at the age of 14. He was by all accounts something of an insecure, out-of-shape nerd trying to learn his third language and wondering where, in the grand scheme of things, he belonged. He knew he was gay but knew of nobody to address the multiple fears and questions bubbling up inside him.

So many gay men are threatened by sports and stay away because they're afraid of failure. It's awesome to see the story of one kid who didn't let fear of his past stop him from fully expressing who he is.