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Gay high school athlete asks: How can teachers help LGBTQ students against bullying?

Last week, I introduced you to Craig Cassey Jr., a Philadelphia area openly gay high school athlete who started a blog, Craig's Gay Word. Craig is now asking for advice on how teachers can assist in the fight against bullying. Craig posted this:

Whether you went to school in the 1950s or are a current highschooler, I am asking for YOUR HELP! [On Friday] I will stand before 130 teachers and faculty members of my high school and assist with a presentation on lgbtq bullying and what teachers can do to help. While I certainly have my own experiences with lgbtq bullying and my personal views on what I think teachers can do to save the students of today and make for a better world – I want to hear your thoughts!

This Friday is the perfect opportunity to promote change within my school and I know my teachers yearn to support our cause – but they may not know just how to do so. They want to know what we need, what troubles we face, what hope they can offer.

So, to my blog readers and a community that has thus far been extremely supportive – I ask of you one thing: tell me what you wish your teachers would have done differently in high school, what they could have done to make your life better.

Feel free to share your ideas by commenting on this post, emailing me at or by Tweeting me your thoughts.

While you certainly can post your thoughts below (I will make sure Craig sees them), I would encourage you instead to go over to his blog and post a comment there. Craig is a guy who is making a difference and speaking out on a very serious subject. Please help him if you can.