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Clippers Equality Night is 'statement game'

Tonight Outsports co-hosts the first Equality Night with the Los Angeles Clippers, along with Equality California and the Clippers themselves. Amazingly, the event is sold out and has been for a week. When we scheduled the event back inNovember we targeted the game against Chicago because we figured the Bulls would be good this year, but we had no idea Blake Griffin would become this season's "It" boy. As the cliche goes, "It should be a good game."

Joining the cause are the NOH8 campaign, which will photograph the first 50 people at the reception, and out former NFL player Esera Tuaolo, who will sing the national anthem. Even if you're not one of the first 50 people to arrive, be sure to get NOH8 painted on your cheek to wear during the game! Both NOH8 and Esera are huge additions to the event, as they reflect what we're trying to do by drawing 300+ gay people to the Clippers game.

This will be a statement game...for the gay community. The NBA is watching this event carefully, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. From the media to fans to actual ticket sales, we're showing the NBA that working more closely with their gay fans brings not just exposure to our fight for equality, and it doesn't simply undermine the stereotype that gays don't like sports, but most importantly for the team it fills seats at the games. This is the most sold-out game of the season for the Clippers; It's no coincidence our event is the same night.

See video of Victor Yee, the guy at the Clippers who helped bring this event together, talk about tonight's event. Also, thanks to Gym Sportsbar and Compete Magazine for their support!

Check back Thursday as we'll post photos and reports from the game.