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Ian Roberts says athletes have responsibility to come out, dismisses shower issue

Ian Roberts, who came out in the pro rugby world 15 years ago, gives a spirited interview to the Australian. He gives a great answer to the question about gay players and locker rooms, specifically answering Jason Akermanis' claim that it would be uncomfortable in the showers with a gay player.

Don’t flatter youself, Aker! That’s all in your own head, man. It was well known in rugby league circles I was gay, long before I came out. Most of my teammates knew I was gay as far back as when I was playing with Souths. The whole locker room thing wasn’t a problem, and nobody behaved any differently to me than any other player. Gareth Thomas [former Wales rugby captain, who came out last year] described how accepting all his teammates were towards him. Not one had a problem with his being gay. And they didn’t start treating him differently once they knew. Every gay sports person should get up and say something if this kind of stupidity is ever raised again. It’s offensive.

Hat tip to Tom B.