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Winklevoss twins still whining and moaning

Olympic rowers and (so they claim) Facebook kinda sorta creators the Winklevoss twins (now of The Social Network fame) are featured in a three-part video series on The Daily. And wow, do they come off as a couple whining bitches. They got $65 million from Mark Zuckerberg, their dad is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, they're hot, they're Olympians, they have everything your average American kid would want, and they're still whining about the geek kid who allegedly took a kernel of their idea and turned it into the No. 2 most-visited Web site in the world. I mean, a court ruled that they really didn't create Facebook but they just won't stop crying and demeaning Zuckerberg.

See them complaining in their very tight rowing unis after the jump.

Hat tip to Towleroad.