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Columnist says wrestling is gay. Maybe. Or not.

No need to march on AOL headquarters over this one, just bringing it to light and wondering what on earth this guy is talking about. Brandon Stroud, a contributor for AOL's FanHouse, was asked about people who say professional wrestling is "fake." His response:

It is fake, and I'm sick of explaining it to you. Go watch high school amateur wrestling, and never once consider how "gay" it looks.

Not quite sure what to make of that. I never look at wrestling and think how "gay" it looks. It looks like wrestling. I suppose some may find it homoerotic, but gay?

"Yeah man, those are dudes in tights, bro. And they're grabbing at each other's junk. It's gay, man."

Either way, I'm not sure what Stroud's point was. Maybe someone else can translate for me?