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Rugby team unveils anti-homophobia jersey

The Sheffield Eagles rugby team has unveiled its uniform, the first of its kind to tout an anti-homophobia message, for a game March 13. Reports the Pink Paper:

The white kit, which has been jointly funded by LGBT History Month and Pride Sports with backing from the University & College Union (UCU) and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) will boldly display the slogan “Homophobia: Tackle It”.

The Eagles will become the first professional club in mainstream UK sport to display such a high level of support for the anti-homophobia campaign.

Rugby, with an openly out player in Gareth Thomas who has helped raised awareness, is leagues ahead of other sports in tackling homophobia. English soccer could not even get big-name players to lend their names to a similar anti-homophobia campaign last year, and don't hold your breath looking for anything like it from a U.S. pro league.

Hat tip to Eric Anderson.