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Anton Hysen gets international media attention. Photos appear on the Internet.

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It must have been quite a 24 hours for Anton Hysen, the Swedish pro soccer player who yesterday came out to the world. In just a few hours he went from tier 4 player in Sweden to internationally known. Not surprisingly, photos are surfacing all over the net of now openly gay Swedish soccer player Anton Hysen, who came out to the world yesterday. We have a bunch of them after the jump (including, yes, a shirtless shot).

The media attention has been pretty strong for a Swedish athlete. This tidbit from the Associated Press made me chuckle:

In Sweden, sports in general and football in particular are considered less tolerant than society at large toward gays.

In Sweden? How about the entire world! I can't think of a national culture where gays are more accepted in sports than at a Starbucks.

One trend I saw in several places was saying how Anton "confessed" or "admitted" he's gay. You confess or admit to a crime, not your sexual orientation. It's a crappy choice of words that somehow still gets play.

Anyhow, here are a few new looks at Anton. And by the way, we've contacted him for an interview; No word back yet.