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Anton Hysen's father, Glenn Hysen, gave pride speech, also accused of homophobia

The Guardian ran a piece about newly out soccer player Anton Hysen and his famous soccer-playing father, Glenn, this weekend. The article discusses Glenn's speech at a pride festival in 2007 and an incident that happened about 10 years ago that left some gay people calling Hysen's father "homophobic"...

The former Liverpool defender Glenn Hysen seemed like an unlikely candidate to give the opening speech of the 2007 Pride Festival in Stockholm. Large parts of the gay community were in uproar because of an incident six years earlier, when he had become embroiled in a fight with another man who had tried "to touch him" in the toilets of an airport.

"Did that man deserve to get beaten up?" Anders Selin, the festival's former chairman, asked rhetorically before saying: "Of course not." Hysen had hit the man just because he was a man. "Hysen," Selin wrote, was a representative of "the ugly face of homophobia".