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There is crying in basketball

We hear it every time this year. Waaaaah. Waaaaaaaaaaaah. All the way from Bristol, Conn., the rest of the country can hear Dick Vitale and countless other commentators whining because so-and-so didn't get into the men's basketball tournament...despite the NCAA adding three more spots this year! You can see Vitale's annual whining fit after the jump.

Andy Glockner has six teams he says got "snubbed." And many are whining that Harvard - HARVARD!! - got "snubbed." Harvard lost to Yale and needed double overtime to beat Penn; And when they had a playoff game against Princeton for a right to go to the tournament...they lost. But somehow they've been "snubbed" and we're all supposed to cry for poor Harvard. And Colorado, they had 13 losses - but somehow they "deserved" to go with a loss to San Francisco and losers of 9 of their last 16 games.

I understand empathize with the undefeated college football teams who don't get a shot at the national championship. But if you can't convince a group of people that you should be included in a field of 68 teams, please go quietly and enjoy the NIT. My guess is if they increased the field to 200 teams, Vitale and the others would be screaming because 16-loss teams like North Carolina A&T and Stony Brook "deserved" to be there.

(Edited to correct error on Harvard-Princeton game.)