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Basketball player writes about coming out as lesbian at a Catholic girls school

Emma Delsohn is a 17-year-old senior basketball player at a girls Catholic high school in Southern California. It would not appear to be the easiest place to come out as a lesbian. But in an excellent first-person account for Outsports, Emma describes how she overcame her fears and reached out to her teammates. And how they in turned reached out to her. It's well worth your time.

Emma also has her own blog, with some terrific entries about her life. I loved her take on how she is accepted at her school because it is composed of "real Christians":

Real Christians believe in Jesus' message of love. They believe in the equality of every man and woman, and genuine acceptance of all parts of humanity. They are not interested in discrimination or hatred-- Jesus never wanted any of that, from what I can tell. He just wanted us to be kind to and understand one another. I think these kids and adults get that. ...

I have been blessed with a very open-minded Christian community. I just want to acknowledge that, because there is so much going on right now that is associating Christianity with homophobia and intolerance. I just want to say, hey. My Christians are pretty cool. You crazy military protesters could stand to learn a thing or two from them.

She also has a tongue-in-cheek entry touting the superiority of lesbians, that becomes funnier when one commenter takes it serious and tries to rebut it point by point.