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God has spoken! BYU is gone! Thank you Florida! (Plus Arizona's win over Duke...)

I haven't paid much attention to the NCAA tournament this year; The decline in talent, poor officiating and lack of compelling storylines just left me disinterested. But I got a lot more interested this morning when I saw BYU lost last night!

For the last two weeks we've had endure columns praising BYU for "standing up for what they believe in" and suspending a player for simply having sex with his girlfriend. One columnist even called them "America's Team." It's been a disgusting display of the same morality that keeps gay people from marrying (and made gay sex illegal for decades). So to see them get knocked out by a bunch of miscreants from Florida, 83-74, was glorious.

The collective gay community really missed the mark with the whole BYU issue. I spent a long time arguing with gay people who felt the suspended BYU player, Brandon Davies, deserved it because he chose to go to BYU and live by their honor code. When I asked how they would feel if BYU suspended a player for being gay, that was somehow a totally different issue for them and of COURSE they'd be against THAT! It's just gross to see so many gay people say, "yeah, it's totally OK for institutions of higher learning, that accept government funds and tax breaks, to tell students whom they can have sex with."

It's been a disappointing double-standard that gay people have used to justify their glee: A straight guy finally got busted for having sex. Tee hee hee. Luckily, Davies' team won't be on TV anymore this year.

Not as satisfying, but also great to see, was Arizona's 93-77 second-half dismantling of Duke. What makes me the most frustrated about Duke is how the referees blatantly cheat on their behalf over and over and over again. They did it again last night - check out the two Arizona dunks in the video below where the Duke defender slams into the Arizona player...but, of course, no foul is called. What was even sweeter was that Duke seemed in control of the game the entire first half; Then Arizona's athleticism simply took over. And there's not a thing the referees could do about it, though they tried. Glorious.

The other great aspect of the game was to see a "lowly Pac-10 team" beat a "juggernaut ACC team." Again, the Pac-10 got mostly ignored by the selection committee, and again the Pac-10 has done very well for itself in the tournament.