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Doug Sanborn: MillerCoors' gay champ

For many in the gay sports world, Doug Sanborn has for years been a champion at Coors. Having overseen LGBT efforts at the company for years, Doug has been deeply devoted to supporting gay softball, gay football and many other gay sports groups. Doug's passion for sports dates back to high school and his time working with the sports department at the Univ. of Michigan.

The Windy City Times this week profiles Sanborn and his years of work with the gay community on behalf of MillerCoors.

We are very sincere, not only our internal LGBT employees, but also our community and consumers. At MillerCoors, we believe that with great beer comes great responsibility—and this is just one way in which we are contributing to the communities where we live, work and sell our great beers.

It's fantastic to see Doug get some recognition for all of his hard work.