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Meet the "Hockey Luvin' Homos"

Two gay Vancouver Canucks fans are causing an Internet stir by dressing as the "Hockey Luvin Homos." They go by the monikers Henrietta and Daniella, spoofing the Canucks' Sedin twins, Henrik and Daniel.

The Homos got on TV during last night's Los Angeles Kings vs. Canucks game, when they were shown behind the Vancouver bench (video below).

Yahoo's Puck Daddy got an interview with the two, who said what they're doing it all in good fun.

"We have made appearances at Gay Sports Bars in Vancouver as the Sisters ... Henrietta and Daniella with great hilarity and support. This was not a stunt or done to be rude or offensive. We were there to show our and the Vancouver Gay community's total and absolute support of our Canucks as they took the Presidents [Trophy] and begin their journey to the Stanley Cup," wrote Henrietta in an email.

They had tape over the "homos" part of their shirt and removed it in the third period, where they were caught on camera. They said a few Canucks players chuckled when they saw them in their pink shirts.

Hat tip to Deadspin.