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Kobe Bryant says he protected gay kids and will do more soon

The biggest news since we last checked in with Kobe Bryant might be that Bryant allegedly told ESPN reporter Lisa Salters he used to beat up kids for teasing gay students, and that he intends to do more on the issue. From Towleroad:

I used to beat up a lot of kids even in high school who used to tease my friends because they were gay, or because they were black, or because they were Jewish, or because they were yellow, or because they were whatever. For people who don't think my apology is sincere, they don't know me. This isn't over for me. I really plan to do more. What I said was ignorant and I really didn't realize what I was saying. Now that I do and realize how it affects people I really plan to do more and to help with the awareness.

Some have expressed doubt about Bryant's story, but to me the issue of beating up homophobes is secondary. Bryant says he's going to do more on this issue, and I actually believe him. Talking to people over the weekend, and some people who have spent time with Bryant, I've come to think he will actually do something on this issue.

There's still that invitation to ride in the Gay Pride Parade, Kobe! If the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks can do it...