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Gay volleyball coach tells his coming out story

Nick Clark is the assistant men's volleyball coach at Siena Heights University in Michigan. I wrote a profile about his journey from a closeted young man who tried his best to fit in to his flirtations with religion to his acceptance of who he is. In talking to Nick, I found the religious angle fascinating since so many gay men I have spoken to talk about how they thought that religion would "cure" them. As Nick wrote to me in our initial contact:

Something that made coming out so difficult was my involvement in a college sports ministry. I had lived in Colorado and traveled to Russia with the organization and have made many friends because of them. I was terrified to tell any of my friends from this organization because I figured they would stop loving me and being my friend. I came out to two different guys, one from each trip and they both responded the same way. "I still love you." It's these moments that make life worth living. When friends and family love you unconditionally, regardless of their own beliefs.