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Trans triathlete Chris Mosier wins contest, earns sponsorship with TRX

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Big congratulations to trans triathlete Chris Mosier, who locked up a sponsorship deal with TRX! He finished sixth out of about 100 triathletes hoping to get a sponsorship deal with the company; They gave deals to the top 10. The contest was based on YouTube video views, and we're proud to have sent some new fans to him.

You can read an update from Chris including a great finish for him in a recent duathlon, and a thank-you video from him, after the jump!

From Chris:

The TRX Sponsors You contest awarded only 10 sponsorships. There were well over 100 competitors. I got 5,000+ views and finished in 6th place, good enough for the sponsorship. I get money to put toward expenses for races and training, TRX workout equipment and training plans, and a video camera to record my progress throughout the year.

With this sponsorship, I am hoping to bring some awareness to trans people participating in sports, and some of the issues we face. The first step of that is to let people know there are trans people in sports.

On Sunday, May 8, I participated in the Prospect Park Mother's Day Duathlon international distance race, which was a 6.2 mile run, 27 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. I finished in 2 hours, 30 minutes, and took 3rd place male overall. I was hopeful for a high-ranking finish, which is why I waited to send you the message about the sponsorship - I thought both together makes for a better post! It's a great feeling to still be competitive and to have some successful finishes while competing as male. I had pretty much written off my season (and future seasons) and resigned to participating, but not really being able to compete. The sponsorship and these first races of the season have motivated me to work harder.

My next race is a sprint triathlon on June 5. I'll also be making an Athlete Ally video this week, and I'll send you that when it's posted.