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MTV's 'Sexed and Confused' looking for gay athletes to follow

MTV's Sexed and Confused is looking for young gay athletes to profile and follow in their series about sex. Closeted athletes, out athletes, bisexual athletes, men, women, boys girls...they're looking for you. Here's more info:

Do you ever feel like you don’t have it figured out when it comes to the birds and the bees? Do you have a sexual desire that you keep hidden from your family and friends? Do you ever feel like your peers are moving too fast – and you want to catch up? Or do you feel like you have an “Easy A” labeled on you and you want to revamp your image?

MTV is looking for funny and engaging teens that are dealing with sexual issues of identity, frequency, curiosity, or image issues who can show us insight into what it’s like being in high school or college and constantly feeling pressure to fit into to some kind of norm.

We are looking for teens with a personal dilemma or conflict with their sexuality or just want help in figuring it all out, and are prepared to go on a journey to help answer those questions. No issue or question is too taboo or sacred! Our show will be told from YOUR point of view as we help you document the funny and annoying stuff you encounter with sex today. If this sounds like you, please send an email to (call 310-752-8066 immediately) with a picture of yourself, your location, contact information, and a brief paragraph explaining your situation and why you would fit the description above.

We will then contact you to create a very short video for INTERNAL development purposes only. Writing in and making a video does not commit you to this show.

We are looking for all types of stories, carried by fun, dynamic personalities – here are some examples:

  • the brave gay guy who is either completely closeted OR only one or two people know, but he is ready to be himself and stop pretending he’s something he’s not. On the verge of coming out of the closet and would like MTV to film his journey.
  • a young bisexual girl who everybody thinks is completely straight, she’s very popular with the boys, but maybe she likes girls too! She’s trying to figure it out.
  • the girl who got labeled an Easy A and is sick of the gossip = how does she change her image, revamp her integrity, and put those awkward rumors behind.
  • who is that girl who’s never been kissed? Or boy? Are you so afraid of the opposite sex or just don’t know how to approach? Does the thought of even holding a boys / girls hands send you running?
  • do you ever just want to lose a few lbs, you are so body imaged, it paralizes your high school routing. Are you so insecure with your body naked that you change in the stall rather in the locker room?

BOTTOM LINE – if you are ready for MTV to follow your SEXED AND CONFUSED journey – we want to hear from you – IMMEDIATELY! No question is too small, no confusion too mysterious – high school can be awkward – but if we’re all going to be awkward – let’s explore together.