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ESPN New York radio host Jared Max comes out as gay

When it rains it pours. ESPN 1050 in New York radio host Jared Max came out as gay in the final seven minutes of his radio this this morning. He talked about how the coming out of Rick Welts and Will Sheridan, along with the supportive words of Charles Barkley this week, made him take the final plunge. Ironically (or maybe not so ironic), his show is called: Maxed Out. You can hear his coming-out statement here.

In his seven-minute monologue he said this very revealing statement:

I'm taking this courageous jump into the uknown having no idea how I will be perceived.

We do know how he will be perceived. He will be embraced. He will be welcomed. In today's society, being yourself is more important to a vast majority of people than hiding who you are. Even in sports, people are ready for Jared and Rick and Will and everyone else who's gay to just be who they are.

Thankfully Jared did take the courageous jump. And in doing so, he shed light that gay people in sports just don't have to be afraid anymore.

Hat tip to RGMike.