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Kye Allums, Lisa Howe recognized by the National Center for Lesbian Rights

Rolanda DelaMartinez and Keelin Godsey

It was a real honor to be at the National Center for Lesbian Rights' annual celebration in San Francisco last Saturday. Outsports has been a big supporter of NCLR for years because of their dedication to sports and the measurable results fighting for gay rights that put them in a class all their own.

Kye Allums was awarded the group's annual Spirit Award for having the courage to come out as the first transgender Div. 1 athlete; Former Belmont soccer coach Lisa Howe was given the Justice Award for fighting against the homophobia that ended her career at the Christian university. Transgender former Bates College track and field star Keelin Godsey introduced Allums.

Personally it was great to meet Allums and his mother, Rolanda DelaMartinez. I've been talking to them for over a year, working on Kye's coming-out story and helping them both navigate new waters. Plus, Lisa Howe is a superstar. She delivered a heartfelt speech that connected with everyone in the room. She told me she wants to do more public speaking now that she has a new baby and her coaching years may be winding down; She'll be fantastic no doubt.