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British swimmers get naked for cancer awareness

Grant Turner

Swimmers James Goddard, Ross Davenport and Grant Turner were among 28 British celebrities to pose naked for Cosmo UK in a June centerfold spread designed to raise awareness of male cancers like prostate and testicular cancer through the Everyman campaign. Said Davenport:

"I feel so comfortable in my swimming trunks but, without that thin layer of material, I felt out of my comfort zone.

"I was very keen to do it and really excited and then, on the day, after the photographer had taken some test shots he told us take off our trunks. We all looked at each other and thought: 'What have we got ourselves into?'

"But I was pleased and relieved the pictures they chose were all right because they'd taken ones which were a lot worse. Athletes are not immune to illnesses and this should raise some awareness."

Turner, an Olympic 2012 hopeful like his teammates, talked a bit of sex to Cosmo:

“My girlfriend’s a swimmer too (Olympic medallist Joanne Jackson). I can’t have sex for two weeks before a big race to build up testosterone. But for women it’s better if they have sex just before a race, so that’s a bit unfortunate.”

This is the 10th year in a row Cosmo UK has done a photospread to support Everyman. It's hard to conceive of American athletes going naked for any reason since that would so ... what's the word? Gay.

The 17th Man blog has the full shot of the British swimmers, dubbed the "Swim Gods," since Cosmo's site hasn't posted a gallery.

Hat tip to reader Don for alerting us to the story.