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Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis on Madden 2012 cover. Will the curse strike?

Poor Peyton Hillis. And after such a good season. The fans voted the Cleveland Browns running back onto the cover of Madden 2012, obviously hoping he suffers a season-ending injury in training camp. True, last year Drew Brees didn't have a terrible season, it just wasn't as rewarding as his Super Bowl victory the year before. But the Madden curse is alive and well. I'm just thankful Danny Woodhead lost in the quarterfinals...let the Browns fans sweat it out. He beat out Eagles QB Michael Vick in the finals...I think the reason Hillis won might be because all the Eagles fans voted for him, not wanting their injury-prone QB to be lost for the season.

It's kind of a shocker that someone with such a relatively low profile will be on the cover of Madden. But hey, at least Cleveland won something!