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Mainstream media covers gay sports issues

Dave Kopay started paving the way in the '70s

With all the gay-sports news that's unfolded over the last month, there's also been an overwhelming reaction in the media: They've actually started giving the issue the coverage it's deserved for a long time. Some say sports are "ready," others say "we've come a long way." Here's a rundown of some of the best (many of which Outsports is proud to have taken part in):

  • ABC News: Gay sports community buoyed by unprecedented support.
  • NY Daily News: Sports appear finally ready to welcome gay athletes in the locker rooms.
  • SB Nation: Rick Welts' courageous stand shines spotlight on homophobia in sports
  • Associated Press: Another gay slur shows sports still has ways to go.
  • CNN: Real test still to come on gays in sports
  • Red Eye Chicago: Ready to cheer a gay sports star