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NBA: Heat vs. Mavericks; NHL: Canucks vs. Bruins: Do you care who wins?

Dirk Nowitzki

The NBA Finals (Dallas vs. Miami) tips off Tuesday, followed the next day by Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals (Vancouver vs. Boston). Both series look intriguing with some fresh faces in the Finals. For Miami and Dallas, this is their second trip each to the Finals (they played in 2006), while Boston (1990) and Vancouver (1994) have had many seasons go by since they last played for the Cup.

My rooting interests are pretty clear: The Mavericks in the NBA and the Canucks in the NHL. In terms of who I think will win, I will pick Miami and Vancouver.

It will be easy to root against the Heat. After LeBron James' totally narcissistic "Decision" special last season, count me among those who hope he never wins a title. And I really like Dirk Nowitzki of the Mavs', a superstar who doesn't call himself King. And I've always liked owner Mark Cuban after he said an openly gay player would make a ton of money in endorsements.

As for the NHL, I simply can't root for any Boston team because of how obnoxious most Boston fans are when their teams win. And Jim Allen, a great personal friend and Outsports supporter, has liked the Canucks for year, so I will be happy for him if they win. In addition, the last time a Canadian team won was 1993, so the country was long overdue.

So, who do want to win and why?