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Uptown sports management tweets against Sean Avery and gay marriage

Uptown Sports is a Canada-based sports management company representing various professional hockey players. Their motto is: "Commitment. Dedication. Integrity. The Way We do Business." On Twitter today they decided to lash out against New York Ranger Sean Avery and equality for gay people:

How they can say we are all equal just minutes after tweeting that gay marriage will "always be wrong" is beyond my understanding. Hopefully their clients will find more suitable management for professional athletes in 2011. One of those clients is Tyler Brenner, a Toronto Maple Leaf; Brian Burke is the GM of the Maple Leafs and has become a strong advocate of gay equality since the coming out and untimely death of his son, Brendan.

As you may know, Avery made a video in support of same-sex marriage this past weekend.

I'm not sure who at the company posted the tweet, but Donald G. Reynolds is the president of the company. He can be reached via email.

Hat tip to Geoff A.