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Michael Strahan supports marriage equality. Giants owner Steve Tisch will be next.

New York Giants great Michael Strahan vocally supports same-sex marriage equality.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Former New York Giants superstar Michael Strahan is the latest public figure to lend his voice for New York marriage equality in a video spot. He will soon be joined by Giants chairman and executive vice president Steve Tisch, multiple sources have told Outsports. Tisch will be the first pro-sports-team owner to be part of the campaign. In his pro-marriage-equality video (after the jump) Strahan says:

As a defensive end for the New York Giants, I always played the game tough but fair. And I feel it's unfair to keep committed couples from being married.

It's awesome that a guy like Strahan would do this, but given he's now about to enter his third marriage I'm not sure he's the best spokesperson for the cause. Still, he's one of the greatest figures in Giants history so this is powerful. His fiancee is in the video with him...