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Former New York Giant David Tyree speaks out against gay marriage, claims it leads to anarchy

Former New York Giant wide receiver David Tyree has come out vocally against gay marriage, recording a video for anti-equality organization NOM (video after the jump). He talks about how children need fathers (thus two lesbians can't be parents) and mothers (thus two gay men can't be parents). His only argument behind his positions is based on God, Jesus and religion.

If they pass this gay-marriage bill...this will be the beginning of our country sliding toward, it's a strong word but, anarchy. ... A marriage is honorable in the sight of God between a man and a woman meant so that you can continue to procreate....

Because you need marriage to procreate. Tell that to half of the NFL and three quarters of the NBA. The anarchy claim is just hysterical. Just like England and Massachusetts and all those places with same-sex marriage - anarchy has somehow taken over there.

It just blows me away when I see black people making the same arguments that racists used 50 years ago to criminalize mixed-race marriages. Insanity.

As a Patriots fan I hate that he made that miracle catch in the Super Bowl to end a perfect season. But even more than that, I know hate it because it gave this anti-equality homophobe a platform from which to speak. If not for that catch, no one would have any idea whom David Tyree is.

Giant icons Michael Strahan and Steve Tisch earlier issued support for gay marriage. Jeremy Shockey, formerly of the Giants, is known for saying he didn't want to have a gay teammate.

You can find Tyree on Twitter.

Hat tip to Wide Rights.