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Chicago Cubs release 'It Gets Better' video with Mike Quade, Ryan Dempster, Marlon Byrd...

The Chicago Cubs have released their 1-minute promised "It Gets Better" video aimed at telling kids that life gets better and telling everyone else that bullying shouldn't be tolerated. They're the second MLB team to produce an "It Gets Better" video. They rolled out some heavy hitters for the video: club manager Mike Quade, first base coach Bob Dernier, starting pitcher Ryan Dempster, All-Star outfielder Marlon Byrd, second baseman Darwin Barney and team co-owner Laura Ricketts. They specifically mentioned "LGBT kids and teens," and Quade said:

The Chicago Cubs organization celebrates you for exactly who you are, gay or straight.

The video is just in time for this weekend's Chicago Pride. Watch it after the jump.