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British Prime Minister David Cameron to host reception to fight homophobia in sports

Another sign that times are changing: Conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron will host gay and lesbian athletes at a 10 Downing Street reception on Wednesday to help fight homophobia in sports.

Openly gay rugby player Gareth Thomas, cricketer Steven Davies and straight ally Ben Cohen are among those athletes expected to attend. Missing will be any prominent soccer players. Reports Pink News:

Organizers hoped that prominent footballers would be among the invitees. However, this is the traditional footballers’ ‘holiday season’ and many are not in the country.

Instead, some ‘older faces’ from the footballing world are expected to attend, along with chief executives from sports associations.

This is still a big deal, since we now have a head of government actively coming out against homophobia in sports. Thomas was also a guest at the recent royal wedding. A petition drive against homophobia in sports has attracted some key support, Pink Paper reports:

More than 1,100 people have now signed the Government’s Charter Against Homophobia in Sport, which calls for anyone and everyone with an interest or involvement in sport to unite in a common cause to tackle homophobia and transphobia in sport.

The Football Association, England & Wales Cricket Board, Lawn Tennis Association, Rugby Football League and Rugby Football Union, together with the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, were amongst the first signatories.

It was be great if U.S. politicians could do something similar. President Obama is a huge basketball fan and a Chicago resident. He ought to play in the annual Sam Coady Roundball Classic held each spring in Chicago, but I won't hold my breath.