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Diana Nyad, now 61, attempting to swim from Cuba to Key West this summer

As we continue our search to find the 100 most important moments in gay-sports history, one of the intriguing figures to arise has been swimmer Diana Nyad. What makes her so different from so many other openly gay and lesbian athletes is that she never had a big "coming out" moment; Even her Web site makes no mention of her sexual orientation. Instead, her legacy rests squarely on her athletic accomplishments. She's never hidden her sexual orientation, she's simply made her long career of distance swimming her entire public persona.

This summer, at the age of 61, she will try to add to her sports legacy as she attempts the 103-mile swim from Cuba to Key West. Her last attempt at the crossing in 1978 was thwarted by bad weather. This time, she is waiting for the good weather to settle in and her crossing date is still unknown. The attempt alone is an incredible statement, and we wish her luck and good weather in this incredible feat!

You can follow her trek on Twitter.