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Mets players split 50-50 on gay marriage

In the wake of New York state legalizing same-sex marriage, Andy Martino of the New York Daily News decided to see what players on the Mets thought.

Mets players were reluctant to speak publicly about the issue. Still, the news from Albany led to considerable clubhouse discussion, and one player who supports same-sex marriage estimated that the team was "split 50-50." Several players cited religious objections to homosexuality, while others disagreed, and argued that all Americans should see their love officially recognized.

... Most players felt the professional sports locker room might not be ready to fully accept an openly gay athlete. Asked why this was, one Met said, "Most of us are still Neanderthals."

Actually, 50-50 pretty much mirrors where the country is on the issue, if you believe all the latest polling data. Given the perception that many athletes are "Neanderthals," I would have thought the split would have been higher against gay marriage.

The day before, Martino quoted former Met player and now announcer Ron Darling as saying it was "joyous" by what happened in New York:

“I immediately called my wife as soon as I heard,” said Darling, who long ago made the city his adopted home and now works as a broadcaster for the team. “I’m joyous. Excited. I can’t wait to hear if my friends are going to take the plunge, and I’m anticipating going to many marriages.”

Darling's reaction mirrored that in the gay community. "Joyous" is about the best word to describe what happened Friday night.