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NHL suspends Aaron Rome for the rest of Stanley Cup Finals for hit on Nathan Horton

The NHL needed to do something about the increasing violence in hockey, and they started with suspending Vancouver's thug Aaron Rome (right) for the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals for his vicious hit on Boston's Nathan Horton. The video is after the jump, but if you haven't seen it, Rome illegally and violently sailed his shoulder into the unsuspecting head of Horton, leaving him with a severe concussion (that's a nice way of saying 'brain damage') and knocking him out for the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals.

And if I were the head of the Boston Police, I'd have Rome arrested. While the NHL has a responsibility to stop the unnecessary violence, so do we all. A good, hard hit or brief fight where both men have an equal chance: That's sports. What Rome did: That's nasty and illegal, and it should be treated as such. Check out video of the evil hit after the jump.