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French rugby player Alexis Palisson poses for cover of gay magazine

Add Alexis Palisson to the list of gay-friendly rugby players. The 23-year-old French star poses for the July-August cover of the gay magazine TETU. There is also a making of video (below) that is typically French in its bizarreness.

The article is in French, but an online translation finds Palisson being cool with gay fans and gay players and he praises the out player Gareth Thomas.

"It is true that rugby, it is tolerant. I know I have no problem with gays. I have gay friends. They love rugby and support me fully. ...

Look at Gareth Thomas: homosexuality has not taken away from his manhood. I can tell you that I would not mess with him! So no, being gay does not diminish virility.

Palisson will be competing for France in the rugby World Cup in New Zealand, so TETU had the idea of body-painting him so he looks like a Maori warrior. The video also has him in feathers, eating an apple, grabbing a spear and a bow. There's also a nude butt shot. It's all so very French.