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Chivas USA gets big win at Equality Night; Justin Braun scores a hat trick

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In the first Equality Night with Major League Soccer's Chivas USA last night the home team scored a big 3-0 win over the Houston Dynamo. It was a fun night with a couple hundred gays and lesbians attending the pre-game reception with the NOH8 campaign then watching an historic game as Chivas' Justin Braun (right) scored a rare hat trick! Braun appeared early this month in the NOH8 campaign; So it was a real treat to watch an ally on possibly the biggest night of his career!

As we said for weeks, the MLS team could not have embraced the team any more than it did. Shortly after the reception the Los Angeles Gay Men's Chorus beautifully performed the national anthem; The It Gets Better Project was given a booth on the main concourse and they promoted their project all night long; And the cheerleaders performed their halftime routine to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." It was a special night, and thanks to everyone for coming! And a special thank you to Chivas' Jeylan Dutertre who made this even possible!

Also a shout out to everyone in Columbus for putting together their Pride Night event last night. The Columbus Crew won their game, 1-0, making both hosts of gay nights last night winners!