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Chivas USA's Justin Braun and Michael Lahoud become first pro teammates in NOH8 campaign

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In recognition of the team's Equality Night on July 23, Chivas USA players Justin Braun and Michael Lahoud are the first professional teammates to appear in the NOH8 campaign together. They join teammate and goalie Dan Kennedy in publicly opposing homophobia. Chivas USA is one of two Major League Soccer teams based in Los Angeles. Two more photos of the Chivas USA players after the jump.

The Equality Night on July 23 will also feature the Houston Dynamo's Mike Chabala, who has also previously appeared in the NOH8 campaign. With Chivas USA fully backing the event (which Outsports is sponsoring), it could be the gayest pro sporting event ever. Read more about the event and get a link for the $20 sideline tickets here.

Thanks to Jeff Parshley and Adam Bouska, along with the whole NOH8 campaign crew, for creating these beautiful photos.