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Michael Bisping is the latest UFC fighter to make 'gay' comments

I guess when you're straight and you spend most of your time with half-naked men you might feel the need to distance yourself as far as you can from the gays. It seems to be the case for many UFC fighters, and Michael Bisping is the latest (Bisping earlier this year called a fighter a 'faggot'). When fellow fighter Chael Sonnen Tweeted that an upcoming fight of his would be like Iron Man v. Captain America, Bisping Tweeted:

Instead of manning up and owning the fact that he was calling the comment gay (as in homosexual), he's trying to hide behind the Wikipedia page for the word "gay":

To say the term "gay" doesn't refer to gay people is so absurd it almost doesn't warrant a response. Almost. The whole reason the word became a pejorative was because calling someone gay (as in homosexual) was the worst thing you could call them. I highly doubt Bisping's use of "gay" meant that he was calling Sonnen's comment "strong" or "masculine."

It's a shame Bisping's too much of a coward to just admit he meant what he said.

Hat tip to Cage Potato via Towleroad.