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Huntington Beach beats Japan on last at bat to win Little League World Series

Most athletes at some point pretend as a child that they're a pro player, the championship is on the line, and they make the winning shot/run/catch/throw.... When I was 12 I was Larry Bird shaking off a defender and hitting a fadeaway jumpshot to win the NBA title. For Nick Pratto of the Huntington Beach (Calif.) Little League team, that fantasy was never more real than it was Sunday afternoon as he drove in the winning run of the Little League World Series on the final at-bat of the ninth inning. Huntington Beach beat Japan, 2-1.

For me, the LLWS was little more than a hiccup that disrupted ESPN's regularly scheduled programming. But for Pratto and the kids and families involved, it's such an important character-building experience. Did anyone in our Outsports universe play in the LLWS? If so, how far did you get? Video of the winning hit after the jump.