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Moment #63: NCAA initiates workshop on sexual orientation

Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history.

Various sports, 2003. When the NCAA instituted on-campus diversity education workshops focusing on sexual orientation issues, it made an institutional commitment to ending homophobia in sports. The workshop is free to the school and welcomes athletes, coaches, faculty and others across host campuses to attend. From the NCAA's Web site:

This workshop focuses on separating behavior from beliefs and understanding how to address what if a player or coach "comes out of the closet?" and becoming a diversity change agent.

The institution of the workshops was a first step for the NCAA, which has strengthened its commitment to educating its members on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. From Helen Carroll:

I also know that the Women’s Sports Foundation/It takes a Team LGBT education kit, including a film, lesson plans and resources, was adopted by the Life Champs skills of the NCAA as their important resource for their members and shown on many campuses.

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