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Gay cyclist Graeme Obree tells athletes to stay in the closet

Openly gay cyclist Graeme Obree trotted out some bullshit from a bygone era this week when he told the Scottish Sun that gay athletes should stay in the closet until they retire.

I don't think being gay and an active sportsman is a good thing. While I was competing and in a changing room environment there was no way I would come out. You'd always be worrying if other people were thinking, 'Is he checking me out?'

Apparently, the 45-year-old Obree is a sophomore in high school.

What's so sad about his misguided comments is that he battled with depression for years and tried to commit suicide. He himself waited until he retired to come out. So bizarre that he'd want to sentence other gay athletes to the same torture.

Hat tip to Neil Parthun.