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Outsports It Gets Better video: Emma Delsohn, high school basketball player

The next video in Outsports’ partnership with the It Gets Better Project comes from Emma Delsohn, who is starting her freshman year at Seattle University. Emma became known to Outsports readers this spring after she wrote a fantastic article on coming out as a high school basketball player at an all-girls Catholic school in Southern California.

She is a gifted writer and I enjoy her blog The Computer Listens Better Than You. One of my favorite entries is her 10 reasons lesbians rule ("10. Women are pretty. Two women together is just a pretty sight. Lesbians, then, improve the overall beauty of whatever scene they enter. Lesbians! The next step to beautifying our nation.")

Since the It Gets Better Project is targeting LGBT teens, it's refreshing to get a video from someone in that peer group that has had a successful coming out.