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Diana Nyad quits her Cuba to Florida swim

For a year people have been talking about out lesbian swimmer Diana Nyad's reported attempt to break a world record and swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. She set off into the water from Cuba Sunday night. On Monday night, she ended the swim halfway to her destination. Her team Tweeted:

Realizing the conditions of 5 to 10 knot winds and less than ideal currents, Diana herself decided to end the swim.

Several hours after she quit, she Tweeted:

It felt like this was my moment. I don't feel like a failure at all. But we needed a little more luck.

She's not a failure. And just setting off on the trek was a valiant attempt. But while people will be praising her for just trying, part of me is quite disappointed. She and her team built up a lot of expectations. This was supposed to be a statement of how much a 62-year-old can accomplish. I understand there were less-than-perfect weather conditions, but she and her team knew that going in. So while the attempt was praiseworthy and I'm proud of her for trying, she in fact failed and I think all of her fans and everyone following her swim have reason for disappointment today.

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