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New York Mets hosting gay night Sept. 26

The New York Mets hosting the team's second "gay night."

When I hosted the first LGBT Community Night with the New York Mets in 2004, it took a lot of convincing for them to open the doors for the event. One of their big concerns was how to handle a transgender person using the restroom. Now the team itself is reviving the LGBT Community night this Monday, Sept. 26, against the Cincinnati Reds. Tickets are 25% off at either $12 or $27, depending on the seat.

The event is indicative of a new trend. While these gay nights at baseball games have happened for over a decade, it's almost exclusively been when someone in the LGBT community actively pitched the idea to a team. With the Mets it is Stu Cohen, an account executive with the team, who is bringing it to Citi Field for the first time (the 2004 event was at Shea Stadium). More and more these teams are seeing the gay community as a safe place to market tickets. It's a continued sign of progress.

They are already expecting over 100 people; And having organized a couple of these events so many tickets get sold in the last few days. They're expecting folks from Big Apple Softball, The Center and others. So head out to Queens next Monday and plan on a great night with Major League Baseball!