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Northwestern athletic department says 'It Gets Better'

Joining the ranks of many Major League Baseball teams, the Northwestern University athletic department has put together an 'It Gets Better' video (after the jump) featuring school athletic director Jim Phillips, head football coach Pat Fitzgerald (right) and star men's basketball player John Shurna, among others. Phillips said:

We are excited to join with the It Gets Better Project to take a stand against bullying. As a University and an Athletic Department, Northwestern takes great pride in celebrating each and every one of the unique individuals at our institution, whether they be students or staff. Bullying of anyone for any reason is not acceptable, and we hope others will use their voices to stand with us.

The video has a broad message, focusing on differences of any kind. What's refreshing is the different colors, shapes and sizes of the people in the video. The participants mention the word "gay" once (by former Northwestern women's basketball player Amy Jaeschke):

Growing up is tough for everyone, whether you're gay or straight.

The Big Ten schools are making it easier and easier to be a gay athlete there. Last weekend Michigan broadcast an anti-homophobia PSA during their home football game.