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Ben Cohen to speak on homophobia in talk at Georgetown

Georgetown University will host a talk on homophobia in sports with rugby player Ben Cohen, Friday at 4 p.m. at the ICC Auditorium on campus (open to the public). The event is sponsored by the Athletics Dept., IDEAA, GUPride and Clun Sports.

Cohen has been touring the U.S. as part of his Standup Foundation, which is fighting homophobia and bullying. We've been writing about Cohen for years and he has embraced his post-rugby career as an activist.

I received this news from our friend Craig Cassey, a Georgetown freshman athlete. We wrote about Craig this year when he started a blog, Craig's Gay Word, and most famously when he was named his school's prom king. Craig's blog continues to impress and he is now posting the experiences of gay freshmen at Georgetown. The stories are terrific to read.