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NFL 2011: Make your picks

Lions QB Matthew Stafford

I was asked this year to write an NFL preview column for AfterElton and had fun doing it. With the season starting today, I would love to hear how others view the season.

As a Colts fan, this season is starting on a down note. Peyton Manning had another neck surgery and is out two to three months. I expect him to miss the season and I only hope he can play again.

Manning's case shows the importance of injuries and how hard it is to predict the season. If players like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers or Troy Polamalu miss any time, their teams are in trouble. Ditto for Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Detroit is a sexy pick this season but this season but it assumes a healthy Stafford, who has missed significant time in each of his first two seasons.

I made my picks, now I would like to hear yours.