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Alabama-LSU lowest-rated BCS title game ever

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My faith in the American sports fan has been renewed -- the Alabama-LSU game was a flop:

ESPN's BCS title game Monday drew a 13.8 overnight rating -- the lowest rating in the BCS system's 14-year history.

Alabama beat LSU, 21-0, and can claim the BCS title but can't call themselves the undisputed national champs. Not when you have other one-loss teams like LSU, Oklahoma State, Boise State and Houston. Bama got a pass into the game -- it didn't play in its conference title game -- and last night's win simply means they split the season series with LSU. The game was a joke, as is the BCS, and the fact that it was a ratings dud compared to other past games might be one of the things that moves us closer to a true playoff.