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Margaret Court converts homosexuals, is going to the Australian Open, and you can't stop her!

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The homophobia of tennis legend Margaret Court has been well-documented for years. Last year it came to the fore again as Australians struggle with the question of same-sex marriage; Court has been vocally opposed to it from the dais in her church. Now some folks have started a Facebook page advocating rainbow flags over Margaret Court Arena at the Australian Open next week. She has taken that as the "gay rights agenda" trying to stop her from going to the Open, and she isn't having it! She told The Australian:

Are they not wanting me to come to the Australian Open? Is that what they are trying to do? I don't run from anything.

I have always been a champion and always loved what I do and love tennis. I think it is very sad they can bring it into that. It is hard that they can voice their opinions but I am not allowed to voice my opinion. There is something wrong somewhere.

We live in a free society and I stand up for families between a husband and a wife. I won't ever back down on that.

It drives me crazy when people claim free-speech rights when someone else criticizes them. No one said you didn't have the right to stand up for whatever you want, Maggie! But people can bloody well say you're wrong, too!

One thing I hadn't caught before: Margaret says she now converts gay people to become heterosexual:

We have them in our church. I help them to overcome. We have people who have been homosexual who are now married.

Wow, she really does hate us! And no, sorry, she doesn't get to hide behind the bullshit "love the sinner, hate the sin." When you're converting people to be something they are not, you're hating the person.